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Our goal is to bring awareness to countless causes affecting young people today. We produce shows that have relevant plot, characters, morals, and experiences and couple them with a charitable cause. Our company then host fundraising events and charitable outreach programs in order to raise as much money and awareness as possible. Fundraising and awareness efforts to support each cause will be intertwined with each individual show's plot.

By attending our show you are not only supporting local arts, you are also standing up for everyone who has ever fought to make their dream a reality. We are a local production company, striving to provide community art and entertainment that has a heart and a message. We showcase talented young people aspiring to follow their dreams in the performing arts.

Hi Eugene! Productions is a family run company. Without our families none of us would be where we are today and we are so grateful to have been able to bring such a fantastic group of creative and talented people together to do what we all love, live theatre.

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